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A place that fulfils your infinite career dreams

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A place that fulfils your infinite career dreams.
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The most enriching Comprehensive Learning Experience.


To go Beyond Boundaries for New Academic Discoveries.


A place that lifts off your career dreams.

How to Apply in Zimbabwe

You can apply at our offices situated at Construction House 3rd floor  room 303, Leopold Takawira, Harare. Please bring photocopies of your birth certificate, ID, passport, O Level and A Level certificates or result slips in both hard and soft copies (scanned in form of a PDF). You should also have a working and active email address.  You can also send your detail and the office can apply for you.

Entry requirements 5 points and above.

If you have lower points or O level you will do extra year foundation. This will require you to pay US $150.00 for certificate equivalence done by ZIMSEC, which is paid at the office. You can deposit or transfer direct into our office banks   accounts and details are obtained at the office.

After application you will receive an offer letter which will require you to deposit a once off US $ 100 admission fees with the local office.

Currently we are offering 50℅ scholarships on tuition fee all programs in other words you are required to pay only  USD  800 per semester after scholarship .  Accommodation fees is US $1700.00 per year .

Milestone Achievements

801540Cutting Edge Research

Awarded as the Best University in Western India.

Ranked Among Top 50 Private Universities In India For Leading Innovation Achievements.

Parul University Receives A Full Star 4/4 Rating In the Ministry of Education’s Innovation Cell Initiative IIC 3.0 Annual Report 2021.


Best Private University in Western India

A comprehensive learning platform, with a unique blend of academics, specifically crafted to satisfy the educational needs of every student while providing practical solutions to the world.

Why choose us

Start Ups

An Incubation environment for innovative student entrepreneurship projects.

Cutting Edge Research

Leading the search for knowledge with our highly equipped research facilities.

Global Exposure

Bridging boundaries with over 500 inbound and outbound student exchange programs.


Going beyond learning by offering an edifying and enriching experience.


Go the extra mile with lucrative milestone packages of up to 20 lacs.

Sporting Excellence

An unmatched pursuit for sporting passion, within your academic journey.

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Culturally Global University

An ever growing network of strategic partnerships and collaborations with leading Universities worldwide. PU provides the most enriching global academic exposure, coupled with endless opportunities through a wide range of inbound and outbound exchange programs, across the globe.

Contact Information

Construction House,

3rd floor  room 303

Leopold Takawira,  Harare

+263 (242) 2772505

+263 71 349 3629

+263 772 487 578

+263 773 913 569 & 071814 1793